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Planning For The Year Ahead – My Favourite Questions To Ask

In my December post I looked back on 2022 which was a year of transition for me. Early in every new year, I always sit down and look forward and think about the year ahead.

After a year of transition in 2022, this year, I want to get more used to my ‘new set of clothing’. So…..a key focus will be to continue my journey of self-discovery. Essentially, it’s a journey of learning and growing and doing more of what I love and enjoy. After all, I am a lifelong learner.

As I’ve quoted previously,

‘The greatest discovery in life is self-discovery. Until you find yourself, you will always be someone-else. Become yourself.’

– Myles Munroe

I always find journaling prompts to be very helpful in clarifying what I want to focus on each year. Some prompts that I find useful to prepare for the year ahead include the following:

1.     What are my 3 top priorities in 2023? Why are they important?

2.     What do I want to achieve in the coming year?

3.     What challenges do I expect?

4.     What do I want to learn or get better at?

5.     Who will I connect with or spend time with?

6.     How will I take care of myself?

7.     What do I want to explore this year?

8.     What contribution will I make?

When I was reflecting on the first question, I have 3 main priorities for 2023, apart from what is always my primary focus of family:

  • to read more of the business books in my library that I haven’t had time to read yet. I’m an avid reader of fiction but I want to spend time reading the more recent book releases from authors such as Brene Brown, Patrick Lencioni, Greg McKeown and Kim Scott;
  • to continue to focus on my health and wellbeing. As we all get older, this becomes even more important;
  • to spend more time journaling and quiet time in self-reflection; and
  • if I could choose just one more, it would be to travel overseas this year.

Having more flexible time available means that I can make the time to focus on all of these activities during the year ahead.

What will be your priorities for 2023?

‘And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?’

– Rumi