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Angie is a natural speaker who quickly connects with her audience. She speaks from the heart on many topics as she shares her story about her journey into leadership.

A sample of speaker topics include the following:

  • Turning Adversity into Opportunity
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Leading through Change
  • Resilience as a Leader
  • Women in Leadership


“A leader is best when people barely know they exist. When their work is done, their aim achieved, they say ‘we did it ourselves’.”
– Lao Tsu


Angie is a gifted speaker; she speaks from the heart in a warm, genuine and moving manner. She has significant life and business experience and draws on both to provide the listener with an inspiring and motivating experience. She has great credibility through her commercial and business acumen and her experience as a CEO. She was also the WA Telstra Business Woman of the Year and brings the benefits of that experience to her speaking. Tammy Tansley, Leadership Coach, Author, Business Owner
, Tansley Consulting


The team at HLB Mann Judd was recently privileged to have Angie Paskevicius present to our firm’s client and contacts on the topic of “Implementing and Managing Change.” As the only speaker at this event, Angie was thoroughly engaging and inspiring with guests responding with overwhelmingly positive feedback during the days following the event. Given Angie’s background, she provided fascinating insights into many areas regarding implementing change within an organisation. However, even though this event was based on one particular aspect of leadership….one suspects that Angie would be interesting and engaging presenting on any subject. In addition to being an outstanding speaker, Angie was also a pleasure to deal with in the weeks preparing for this event. In total, it was a delight to work with Angie on this seminar and we were extremely honoured to have her present at our firm in an event that was undoubtedly one of the highlights of our events programme this year. – Richard Calautti, Marketing Executive, HLB Mann Judd


Today so much is written and said about the importance of good storytelling to truly engage the hearts and minds of an audience. Yet Angie has always practiced this instinctively. Since winning the Telstra WA Business Woman 2016 award the sometimes gruelling speaker schedule demands are made easier simply because Angie believes in what she talks about, often drawing upon first-hand experience. A Google search or social media profile review can never fully convey her achievements and value system. This insight is unearthed more in her own stories which have plenty of ups and downs to draw upon, examples of detours taken and hills climbed that gives her audiences a glimpse into what is possible. Whether Angie’s stories are work related or personal, all are a rich source of inspiration to others. I have no hesitation recommending Angie – her speech pathologist training just makes great stories even easier to listen to! Lyn Harding, Mentor & Coach, The Executive Connection (TEC)


Thank you so much for presenting at our Women’s Circle Event on Friday morning. I have received such amazing feedback from the event – we all were so inspired by your story, words of wisdom, guidance and humour. Francine Ryan, Executive Manager, Corporate Financial Services, CBA Bank, CBA Women’s Circle Event


On behalf of the Professional Development Division (Western Australia Police Force), we would like to pass on our biggest thank you for volunteering your time and helping us celebrate 100 years of Women in Western Australia Police Force. Your raw and honest account of your journey to leadership was both inspiring and motivating. We appreciated hearing about your valuable life lessons on leadership, aligning your career to your values and the value in exploring opportunities. Thank you. Bec RansomeCoordinator Capability Development & Professional Development, West Australian Police


My sincere thanks, on behalf of Rob de Luca and Bankwest, for joining our Bankwest Leaders Forum last Thursday. The panel session was very well received and captured some very topical conversations! It was great to have such different perspectives on leadership represented on the panel, and to hear from someone so accomplished and passionate in the not for profit sector. Thanks again for your insight and sharing your views on leadership. – Nichola Holgate, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Bankwest


A key component of our undergraduate Business Internship course involves face-to-face interaction with selected Western Australian business leaders. Angie has willingly given of her time and wisdom on five separate occasions over the past decade, principally focusing on her journey and her views on the essence of leadership. Her presentations have been intensely personal and uncompromisingly authentic, providing our students with significant food for thought on life and career priorities – evidenced in their reflective essays subsequently lodged for assessment. In her own humble way, Angie continues to play a decided part in shaping some of our future business leaders. We look forward to appearance #6 in due course! – Professor Derek Parkin OAM, Fremantle School of Business, University of Notre Dame Australia


Angie’s tenacity and drive in difficult circumstances was very inspiring. Her way of weaving stories through solid advice made her presentation very engaging…reminded me of my Mum
• …in a calm and humbled manner…(she) provided an objective insight into the adversity in her life translating into a passion for helping others.
• Leadership is about who you are, what your values are and what is important to you.
• I found that her honesty with how much she shared about her personal life experiences was raw and humble.
• She was very calm, gentle, sensitive and almost soft (sic) which actually commanded attention and respect.
• Her life story was incredibly moving and truly inspired me that, with hard work and support, even the seemingly impossible can be achieved.
• …the stand out speaker for me.
• …helped me understand how valuable I am as a person.
• …the way she handled significant obstacles and challenges in her life and the embodiment of humanity she is because of it.
• Angie’s story has left a lasting imprint on me and the way I perceive success and humility.
• It’s nice to hear success stories that have evolved from nothing at all. It gives us hope that it is possible to be something in life, make an impression, do something with your life that, until now, feels impossible. Angie Paskevicius made me feel as though anything I wanted to do with my life, I could.
• Angie made me realise that life is precious….
• …her resilience is an awe inspiring testament to the mentality of never being scared of failure.
• All I could think in the moment was what an incredible woman she was and, of all the advice the speakers have given us, this is what moved me the most.
• …everything she mentioned had meaning.
• Angie Paskevicius is my idol in adapting to new and difficult situations.
• …a candid account of what is a remarkably decorated and diverse career.
Comments extracted from reflective essays from the undergraduate Business Internship students at University of Notre Dame Australia


I heard you speak at the Women’s Empowerment this morning at Carmel School. So many challenges you have faced and despite all of them, you have strived for and achieved so much. At the time you obviously were doing whatever it took to get through the day, week, month and years to keep yourself….living the best life you were able to, under very difficult circumstances. In hindsight you can look back with pride, at that young woman who fought so hard with such courage and determination…….and once again rebuild your lives. We listened in awe of what you have achieved, personally and in your career. To you it is just your life story – but to those listening to you it is extraordinary! Giving back, mentoring and doing good to help others is a HUGE gift to those that need direction. I took the opportunity to come up to talk to you as you sat at our table. I wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are and how much I had enjoyed hearing your life story. – Roz T


Just wanted to thank you again for your time yesterday morning; for sharing your inspirational story with us and for giving us the opportunity to ask some of many questions that each of us had. You are truly one of the most influential women that I have met in my working life and I thank you for the opportunity. – Dragana Petrov (Dee), Supply Chain Manager, Caterlink


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