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Trust in uncertain times

In this rapidly changing and uncertain time, ‘trust’ is paramount. At the recent AICD Summit in Sydney, Michelle Hutton, CEO of Edelman Trust Australia provided insights into the report on the results from the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer. The Edelman Trust Barometer is a highly respected study that documents global trends in opinions about government, media, NGOs and business.

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Leaders of organisations role-modelling connection

Leaders of organisations are under a unique type of pressure and responsibility in the current crisis being experienced all over the world. As our circle of ‘control’ shrinks, people’s sense of ‘belonging’ becomes more and more important. In this environment, maintaining social connections and relationships with each other becomes paramount. Many of us are now … Continue reading "Leaders of organisations role-modelling connection"

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Re-imagining strategy

Reflections from a CEO & Chair During this unprecedented time in our history what do we do about strategy? When the next horizon is so uncertain and we’re not sure what’s around the next corner, how do we know which is the right direction for our business to go in? What do we focus on? … Continue reading "Re-imagining strategy"

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Stepping into the ‘Next Normal’: 3 questions to ask at your organisation

What we don’t want to lose in the ‘next normal’ is all the new and innovative ways of working that we have developed and the strong sense of connection and belonging that has strengthened during this challenging time.

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Being the best you can be as a leader

Both my parents have had a strong influence on my life. It wasn’t till much later in life that I realised exactly what that influence has been or how strong that influence was.  A special gift from my father has been the strong desire to be the best that I can be. It’s not about … Continue reading "Being the best you can be as a leader"

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