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Planning For The Year Ahead – My Favourite Questions To Ask

In my December post I looked back on 2022 which was a year of transition for me. Early in every new year, I always sit down and look forward and think about the year ahead. After a year of transition in 2022, this year, I want to get more used to my ‘new set of clothing’. So…..a … Continue reading "Planning For The Year Ahead – My Favourite Questions To Ask"

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Transition and Re-Discovery – Looking back on 2022

My focus word for 2022 was ‘transition’… and that’s exactly what 2022 has been for me, a year of transition.  This year has been the first year where I’ve had a flexible work life, since I started working full-time many years ago. This year I’ve focused on spending time in my Non-Executive Director roles and my … Continue reading "Transition and Re-Discovery – Looking back on 2022"

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Confidence & Leadership

In my coaching practice I come across many leaders who struggle with a lack of confidence… and many are very experienced leaders who lack confidence in particular situations or with particular people. So, what is confidence? Tony Robbins’ definition of ‘confidence’ resonates with me: ‘…confidence is not something you have, it’s something you create. Being confident is nothing more … Continue reading "Confidence & Leadership"

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Good Leaders Delegate with Intention

In my coaching practice, one of the difficult transitions that I often see for leaders, is to make the shift from ‘doing’ to ‘leading’. As a leader, it is important to develop the skill of delegation. Through delegation, leaders free up time to focus on strategic thinking and leading and coaching their teams as opposed … Continue reading "Good Leaders Delegate with Intention"

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Navigating Workplace Values

I believe that successful leaders know who they are, what’s important to them and are clear about the values that guide their behaviour. Values often change over time and deepen as you develop a greater understanding of yourself as a leader. So, in my coaching practice I always spend time with my clients identifying their … Continue reading "Navigating Workplace Values"

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