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Navigating Workplace Values

I believe that successful leaders know who they are, what’s important to them and are clear about the values that guide their behaviour. Values often change over time and deepen as you develop a greater understanding of yourself as a leader. So, in my coaching practice I always spend time with my clients identifying their … Continue reading "Navigating Workplace Values"

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Trust and Leadership

Many years ago, I read Stephen Covey’s book The Speed of Trust and attended a workshop that was designed around building trust in teams. Covey’s work has always resonated with me as a leader, as I believe that trust is the basis of every relationship, whether at work or in your personal life. Recently I’ve spent some … Continue reading "Trust and Leadership"

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Dysfunctional Boardroom Behaviours (and what to do about them)

In my last post I spoke about boardroom dynamics – the social patterns that operate in the boardroom that shape the communication processes, which ultimately affect the decision-making capability of the board. They are important because, as Cairns (2003) states in the book Boardrooms that Work: ‘What brings boards and companies down is dysfunction in their … Continue reading "Dysfunctional Boardroom Behaviours (and what to do about them)"

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Boardroom Dynamics: What I’ve seen to work well in the boardroom

During my 20+ years as a Chair and Non-Executive Director on boards, I have observed a wide range of effective and dysfunctional behaviours in the boardroom.

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What questions should leaders ask themselves on a regular basis?

Different questions that I believe are important for leaders to ask themselves on a regular basis.

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