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End of Year Reflections: Learning from others and learning about myself

As we move closer towards the end of the year, I find that it’s important for me to take the time to reflect back over the past 12 months… what did I learn and more importantly, what did I learn about myself? 

I’m a lifelong learner and love to stretch myself to continue to be the best version of myself. During the year I was privileged to attend many events and listen in person to amazing speakers such as Brene Brown, Susan Cain, Ita Buttrose and many other just as amazing, but lesser known speakers and presenters. There have been many learnings and many things that resonated with me and reinforced my own perspectives and beliefs on different topics. There are too many to mention here, but there were two comments that really stood out for me, that just happen to be intrinsically linked.

The first, I heard during a conversation I was listening to on a podcast. I can’t even remember who it was who said it, but they were talking about a comment made by an elder in a Masai tribe in Africa. It is such a powerful expression of truth and wisdom:

‘Every time an elder dies, a library burns to the ground.’

I have found myself spending a great deal of time reflecting on this comment. Co-incidentally, it just happens to link so well to the other comment that I took away from a presentation by Susan Cain: 

‘Know what’s in your suitcase… it’s what matters so much to you that your carry it in your heart everywhere you go. Always make sure you take the time to take these things out and share them with others.’

We all carry so much learning and wisdom in our hearts that we don’t always share with others. Life is short. Before we know it, we may not be able to share those stories, those precious learnings and experiences that we carry close to our hearts. If they aren’t shared, then eventually they may be lost forever. 

So what did I learn about myself when I reflected on both of these comments? I realised that my strong drive to give back and to make a difference, is just that. It’s me sharing those things that are close to my heart. Those things that I’m passionate about that I want to pass onto others before my ‘library’ ultimately disappears. 

Life is a series of precious moments and experiences. My message to you is to share them when you can, before it’s too late.