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Why you should bring your whole self to your career

In this interview for The Juggle Podcast, I shared my personal story and some of the challenges I faced in developing my leadership journey. Listen to hear:

  • How my life experience has shaped me into the leader I am today 
  • Winning the Telstra WA Businesswoman of the Year 2015 was the impetus that encouraged me to be more open about my personal life in my leadership mentoring
  • The natural progression I have experienced from being a very private person to feeling comfortable with being vulnerable sharing my personal story
  • The fine line we all travel between what is normal today and things that can change overnight
  • Understanding what is important to you, your purpose, your why – when you’re clear on this you will be guided in a direction that aligns your values and your career
  • My changed perspective about the “mum guilt” I experienced while I was raising my children as a single parent – in short, I was too hard on myself!

“Anything is possible, you just need to believe. Be confident that you can sort out anything that is thrown at you.”

The Juggle interview