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We all have leadership potential

To me a leader is like the conductor of an orchestra who makes sure that all the right instruments are in place and are playing the right notes at the right time.

I believe that we all have leadership potential. Some simple but important leadership traits that you can cultivate…

·     Lifelong learning. Continue to develop and grow. Continuously improve. Be the best you can in all that you do

·     Trust in yourself and your abilities

·     Know who you are and what matters most to you, in order to then lead others

·     Spend time building relationships and strong networks

·     Build your personal brand

·     Show initiative

·     Have a ‘can do’ attitude

·     Show concern for others – genuinely care for others. Be compassionate. Treat people with respect

·     Listen – seek first to understand

·     Be resilient, adaptable and flexible

·     Be humble

·     Give back, get involved, put yourself forward, mentor others

·     Let people know that you are interested in taking on more

·     Look after ‘you’ – be healthy and active

·     Never ask others to do what you wouldn’t do yourself

·     Be courageous. Be prepared to take risks. Address the tough stuff

·     Walk the talk – be honest – do what you say you will do – build integrity, trust and credibility

·     Be passionate about your work – love what you do

·     Be forward-looking

·     Stay calm in the face of problems/conflict – respond rather than react

A leader is best when people barely know they exist…When their work is done, their aim achieved, they say ‘we did it ourselves’ –  Lao Tsu