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Stepping into the ‘Next Normal’: 3 questions to ask at your organisation

In a recent post, I spoke about the importance of leaders role-modelling connection and fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace with many of us working from home during COVID-19. A lot of articles are now starting to appear focussed on re-imagining how work will be done when we return to the office to work. Ultimately, we want to create a safe environment in the workplace where people can be themselves, enjoy their work, collaborate with each other and contribute towards the vision and purpose of the organisation… but what does that look like in the ‘next normal’?

The ‘next normal’ at work must look different for different organisations

What we must realise is that this will not only look different for every organisation, it will look different for different people within the organisation. What do I mean by this? 

Take the example of my own organisation, where I am CEO. While many people are enjoying working from home, some find it challenging and tiring. Many are highly productive and some struggle with this. Some have mastered the technology and will continue to use it, while others are keen to get back to face-to-face interactions. Some will be keen to adopt a hybrid way of working, where they spend some time working virtually at home with some face-to-face work in the office. When I talk with my colleagues, I think that this experience is quite similar in many organisations. 

Bringing our new learnings into the future

But what we don’t want to lose in the ‘next normal’ is all the new and innovative ways of working that we have developed and the strong sense of connection and belonging that has strengthened during this challenging time.

One way that we are approaching this is to seek feedback from everyone in the organisation, based on 3 simple questions:

1.     What do we want to keep and do MORE of from our recent experience and learnings?

2.     What do we want to STOP doing based on our recent experience and learnings?

3.     What do we want to START doing based on our recent experience and learnings?

I’m very excited about what our ‘next normal’ will look like… how about you?