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Stepping into leadership: A important tool every leader needs

In my experience stepping into various leadership roles throughout my career, lifelong learning has been a cornerstone. Having an open mind and continuing to develop, grow and improve means you will be moving forward and will be living fully to your potential. Others notice this, and leadership opportunities come your way.

Investing in yourself and your own development is critical. It’s a value that is important to me and that I believe all leaders need to do on a daily basis.

Your development could involve formal learning programs linked to universities or workshops, or conferences and seminars that are more about personal growth and development. Coaching and mentoring are accelerated methods of learning because they are one-to-one and tailored specifically for you. These learning styles can take the form of structured programs, or be as informal as a regular coffee date with your mentor.

Networking to meet other people is a valuable habit to adopt – you learn so much faster from others in terms of what they do and how they do it! Building my own career, I have found it valuable to belong to both informal and formal networks of people related to my areas of business as well as from more diverse sectors.

Continuous and deliberate learning, including learning from others, is part of helping you have a better understanding of who you are, what you are passionate about and defining and clarifying your purpose – all essential qualities of a good leader.

An area I’m focusing on at the moment is storytelling: I’m keen to develop my skills in this area. I’m reading and attending workshops, and I belong to a group that practices storytelling skills. Public speaking and presentations are part of the everyday life of a leader and I want to do this well through the art of storytelling.

Investing in yourself and your own development is critical.
Remarkable leaders strive to be the best they can in all that they do.

What areas do you need to learn more about this year, to step into your next leadership role?