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Putting down tiny roots

I recently attended a reflection session with some like-minded people. The focus of the session was on the beginning of another year and paying attention to the gaps and openings that are drawing us in to set roots and generate new life in 2022. It was very timely for me as I’m at a place where I am transitioning to a new stage in my life’s journey.

We explored a poem by Linda Buckmaster called ‘Flowering’.

‘Pick a crevice

A homey gap

Between the stones

And make it 

Your own


This is all we have

In this life, all we own:

A flowering

An opening

A gap between stones

For tiny tender roots.’

For me, I am exploring and discovering what those tiny tender roots look like and how I can nourish them to help them grow and create a strong foundation to support my new journey.

What tiny tender roots will you lay down in 2022?