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How storytelling builds leadership

In recent articles I have discussed vulnerability in telling your story and I’ve given some tips from my experience in how to build confidence as a speaker

Telling your story is an important tool to really connect with people at an emotional level, which helps your message be remembered. Successful leaders know how to do this well because sharing your story is part of inspiring others to be their best selves.

People follow leaders who they trust and believe in, and that is about connection. When you share something about your own journey, being authentic and vulnerable, those personal insights help others relate to you, be inspired by you and feel motivated to be part of your cause.

People are sometimes scared to be vulnerable and ‘human’, but when you tell your story in a real but positive way, this actually builds credibility. People can see that you have overcome obstacles to get to where you are and this helps people believe they can do the same.

So whether you are looking to lead an organisation, a team or an audience within a public forum, remember the importance of connecting in meaningful ways – one of which is to share your own story.