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Embrace change and accept adventure! Answering the call of opportunity

In some of my past posts I’ve talked about ‘opportunity’. I always see change as an opportunity and believe in the importance of always exploring opportunities when they present themselves. It doesn’t mean that you will necessarily pursue the opportunity, but I believe that all opportunities are worth exploring when they appear as you never know where they may lead you. 

One of my favourite sayings is:

‘When one door closes… another opens, but we often look so longingly at the door that has closed that we don’t see the new door that has opened.’ – Alexander Graham Bell

I’ve been in this place in the past… and through experience I now know that there will always be a new door that will open for me.

Recently I was privileged to hear the amazing Ita Buttrose speak at the Business Chick’s breakfast in Perth. Her presentation was so engaging, authentic, funny and full of stories from her rich journey in the world of journalism and the media. Her messages resonated with me as she spoke about ‘opportunity’. She is an optimist like me and believes that sometimes life catches us by surprise and presents unexpected opportunities. Yes, there are always obstacles to go around, but it is always possible to find a way around those obstacles. She encouraged the audience to be courageous and never be afraid to pursue our dreams and take the fork in the road that will challenge and stretch us when unexpected opportunities present themselves. She shared a number of examples from her own journey that demonstrated that if you embrace change and accept adventure, you never know where that will lead… and in Ita’s case she is a wonderful example of someone who has achieved great personal fulfilment and success by just doing that!

What do you do when an unexpected obstacle or opportunity presents itself?