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Are you a courageous leader?

Image: Sean Kong

Where does courage come into leadership and do you need to display vulnerability to be courageous?

I’ve just been reading the inspiring new book from Brené Brown, Dare to Lead, which I’m sure many of you have now read or have on your list of books to buy. According to Brené Brown the answer is ‘yes’ and in my experience as a leader, the answer is also ‘yes’. Vulnerability is at the heart of courageous leadership. 

You can’t get to courage, without rumbling with vulnerability’

 – Brené Brown

When I tell my story I talk about how my life experiences have helped shape my leadership journey. They have shaped who I am as a person and a leader and many times on this journey I’ve been in a place of vulnerability. It’s taken considerable courage at times to go forward when times have been tough and challenging. You take off your armour, as Brené Brown describes it, and reach out. You show your vulnerability, which isn’t always easy or comfortable, but essential to move forward, because vulnerability and courage are linked. It’s how we own our own story… how we take responsibility to shape our own destiny… and it can’t be done alone.

‘When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending.’

– Brené Brown

Are you a leader who carries your armour around with you everyday, or are you a leader who is prepared for others to see your authentic, vulnerable self?