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An introduction to the 3 P’s of the C-Suite Journey

Through my work with C-Suite and aspiring C-Suite executives I have developed a unique approach that focuses on a framework called the 3 P’s. This involves the key areas of PLANNING, PREPARATION and PERFORMANCE. While this is a framework that I may use, my coaching is always customised for the person that I am working with. We start where the person is currently at and focus on the outcomes that they want to achieve as a result of the coaching journey. Here is an introduction to the 3 P’s Framework.

PLANNING – Planning for the C-Suite journey 

For aspiring executives, the focus is on exploring the potential for a C-Suite career. This involves an approach to planning that takes into account the various considerations for embarking on a C-Suite career. It can help you to answer the question: ‘Do I have what it takes?’

A focus at this stage may be around self-development, professional skill development and whether more knowledge-gathering is required, and what this might involve. It may also involve updating your CV and identifying what’s required in a C-Suite job application.

PREPARATION – Preparing for the C-Suite journey 

Navigating the first 90 days in a C-Suite role is a crucial time for setting up expectations and goals for what you want to achieve and how you might achieve them. Developing and executing a well thought out 90-day plan can achieve this.  Once you are in the role, there may be other professional skills that require strengthening, including your self-confidence in the new role.    

PERFORMANCE – Performing in the C-Suite role  

A C-Suite role can be challenging, requiring a broad skill set to successfully operate in a changing and uncertain environment. To accelerate your performance in a C-Suite role, and keep performing at your best, often requires the support of a trusted advisor such as a coach. A coach is someone who can be there when things get tough and will be that independent sounding board.