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ADAPTive Leadership

Korn Ferry recently published the outcome of a study that analysed the profiles of 150,000 leaders from their global database. The study highlighted the 5 key qualities of effective future-focussed leadership. Korn Ferry call these the ‘ADAPT dimensions’, which include the ability to ‘anticipate, drive, accelerate, partner and trust’. These are the characteristics that they believe leaders of the future require to deal with a rapidly changing world and the impact of global disruption. They argue that the leadership models of the past will no longer succeed in this new business environment of the future. The article provides more detail about each of these five ADAPT dimensions.

They are briefly described below:

Anticipate – these are leaders who anticipate and shape the future. They are innovators who provide vision and direction within organisations

Drive – these are leaders who have a clear purpose, who are hopeful and optimistic and bring their people along with them

Accelerate – these are leaders who understand how to execute and do it well and with agility

Partner – these are leaders who connect and form networks and partnerships that lead to enhanced organisational performance

Trust – these are leaders who inspire trust amongst their people and recognise the value of inclusivity and individuality

Are these actually new leadership characteristics or skills, or is it that they currently exist but not all leaders display these skills well or even at all in some cases…and if that’s the case, what does that mean for the future?

What do you think? 

Korn Ferry: The Self-Disruptive Leader 2019